Feathergale Flamboyance

Hunting Manticore and Unconvering Cult Presence

Day 6 – 18th Kythorn

The party, after doing a bit of early morning shopping and talking around the town of Red Larch, encounter the shepard Larmon Greenboot, an individual who has found four shallow graves that have appeared in the last few days. Interested, the party readies to leave to the location, a day long journey.

At night, the graves await atop a small hill in the Sumber Hills. In the distance, the black outline of a towering spire, Feathergale Spire, can be seen. In these rocky graves are a dwarven smith from Mirabar, a human Gladiator from Mirabar, a human wearing a white robe with black feathers, and a human with the rocky robe of an earth cultist. Looking around, there seems to be evidence of a skirmish, and evidence of elemental magics still linger in the air.

The party decide to sleep with the shepard and his flock for the night, as the party rotates through a watch. Throughout the night, aerial shapes can be seen, some large and some small.

Day 7 – 19th Kythorn

The party awake, and bid Larmon Greenboot adieu, as they make their way towards the Feathergale Spire in the hopes to learn more about the bodies they just found. Upon arrival, they are greeted by a Feathergale knight by the name of Savra Belabranta, who after gathering their names and purpose, greet them inside the spire.

Inside, she leads the party to Thurl Merosska, the leader of the Feathergale Society, a group of wealthy and military elite from Wavemeet that enjoy mounted hunting, schmoozing, and other revelry.

As night descended – and the party had gambled, schmoozed, explored, and more – Thurl Merosska calls the group to a feast. During the lavish meal, the leader asked the party about their exploits, and seemed genuinely disturbed by the mention of the earth cultist in Red Larch.

But before more stories could be told, a knight burst into the hall shouting “Manticore!”. The chaos of knights leaving to their mounts ensued, with Thurl offering up his ring for any that bring the Manticore’s head!

The party began a daring hunt, with the moon high and the stars shining bright. The clouds were low, with the far-off shadow of the Manticore on the horizon. Together, the party began to set off, searching the clouds. After a few minutes, the party heard the horn of a Feathergale Knight, and set off. For the Manticore, this was the end. Over the course of nearly a minute, the party dogged after the beast, eventually snuffing the beast.

Upon returning, the party received their reward, and Demic – the Schmooze – was pulled aside by Savra. She, learning from the other F.G. Society members, seemed eager to offer Demic a spot amongst the Society, but he would need to speak with Thurl.

The rest of the party was asked by Thurl Merrosska to investigate the Sacred Stone Monastery, a location of reclusive monks that he suspects might be involved with the Cult of Black Earth. Merrosska indicates that “… of all the enemies of ”/wikis/wavemeet" class=“wiki-page-link”> Wavemeet, and thus the Feathergale Society, no enemy is of greater loathing than the Cult of Black Earth. A worthless and stubborn group that should be removed from this region, if not this world".

As the revelries continued, with some gambling with Trenton Gulduvan by Terken, Demic was drawn to a private ritual. There, atop the Spire, Demic was asked to execute a man who the Society called an enemy, specifically suspected to be an Earth Cultist. Demic did not even hesitate, blasting the bound man, who tumbled off of the tower, with the Society members whispering their ritualistic chants – chants that sounded like the gale of a tornado a mile off. A moment later, Demic felt the windy chill of a breeze about his person, a breeze of cruel approval, a breeze of unyielding membership, a breeze of fateful expectation. “You’ve been touched by ”/characters/yan-c-bin" class=“wiki-content-link”>Yan-C-Bin," Merrosska indicates to Demic, " Our leader, Aerisi, will have to meet you soon."

He then, gaining a level of exhaustion, joins his unaware friends in the early hours of the morning.

Day 8 – 20th Kythorn

The party begin to leave the Spire, en route to the Sacred Stone Monastery, as well as Rivergard Keep for a quick stop.

Halfway there, the party encounters what seems to be an ambush encampment of bandits and… barnacle people.

The party argues over what to do – leave and go around, leap into an attack, prepare a counter-ambush, simply speak with them – as a trader caravan approaches.

In a single volley, the bandits nearly kill both caravan guards. In a single volley, the party kill two reavers – the barnacle people.

A battle ensues amidst the sleet storm covering the area in ice, as the sounding of warhorns, smashing of trees, and roars of dragons pummel the area. The party however stay resolved, killing a number of bandits and scaring off a priest of some measure, leaving two bandits to interrogate.

The bandits explain that they are simply mercenaries hired by Jolliver Grimjaw in Rivergard Keep, and that they are one encampment of many. The priest that left the battle is one of the ranked members of Jolliver’s group, whoever they are. They steal things and bring it all to Rivergard keep.

The party spare the bandits, loot the area, and receive potions for their help from the traders. The party decides to burn the tents and destroy the camp, as well as finding a different place to camp for the night.

Day 9 – 21st Kythorn

The party begins their path to Rivergard Keep, interested due to party missions, as well as the ubiquity of banditry that seems now associated with the location.


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