The Hunt of the Howling Hatred

Delving the deepest caves to end the most manipulative cult

Eleasis 27 – Day 77

The party – Demic, Varis, and Scale – continued deep within the Howling Caves, seeking out the Air Cult leadership, and the chaotic rift of elemental energy.

Exploring, the group came across a mysterious tomb in the middle of a large pond, light with luminescing fungi. On approach, it became clear that the casket was covered with yellow mold. This called for a Scale to open, which he did. Inside, the remains of a dwarven hero, and most importantly, a sword of Dragon Slaying. The skeleton moaned with the theft of its blade but otherwise did not react.

The group continued onward, encountering a black pudding ooze. The group teleported away, thus vanishing from the fight.

Continuing deeper, the group come across a whole group of cultists. The group dies quickly, but Demic gathers some useful information — that up ahead is a series of obstacles that leads to Aeresi Kalinoth and her Elemental Portal of Air. Specifically, a bunch of prisoners guarded by something unseeable, a small battalion of elite priests, and then Aeresi herself flanked by even more elite guard (these comprised of elementals and myrmidons).

The group continue deeper, and encounter the prisoners. Bound and nearly dead, they plead their freedom. Demic does the sign of the air cult to thin air, seemingly satisfying whatever invisible watchers there may be. Demic then chats with the relectant prisoners. The group learns that invisible demons guard this spot. The group also learns that one of the prisoners is Deseyna Norvael, an important noble lady that was part of the Mirabar Delegation that Terken and Cyril were so involved with. With this knowledge, the party began to plan a hasty escape.

Just as Scale turned eyes of fury upon Varis.

Demic blinked away with the two prisoners, just as Scale beat down on Varis. A tall, demonic hunchedback man appeared moments later, fury in their red eyes over the loss of its prisoners. Moments later, another ape-like demon appeared, and a full on battled ensued.

The party did, of course, win.

From here, the group left the whole structure, and when safe, supplied the cleric Deseyna with some materials to perform a Word of Recall ritual.

Arriving in Wavemeet inside Deseyna’s dust filled home, the party finally breathed a sigh of relief. They had saved the prisoners, and Deseyna already seemed overcome with excitement.

Deseyna immediately agreed to renegotiate the details of Demic’s loans in Yartar, allowing him to pay her off whenever he gathered the funds. She also, swearing off any adventuring, began gathering her own collection of magical items to gift to these adventurers.

The party gathered their gifts, and with the aid of some Whiteswords Guildmembers, warped back to Yartar.

Eleasis 28 – Day 78

Scale is now smart.

The group, getting up rather early, begin making plans to rescue the other prisoner’s family from Beliard to the east. The farmer Nerise Gladham encourages this plan of action. Demic is heavily invested, with goals of obtaining another maid/tavern worker.

Eleint 1 – Day 81

The party return from Beliard with one child in tow. The group had found that the town of Beliard had had the fire cult cut through some months ago, leaving the farmhouse of Nerise Gladham in ashes. Her two sons were said to have not survived, carried off by hounds of fire.

The group, on the way back, killed three of the cult’s elementals. The group also saw a young red dragon bound in the service of the fire cult. Scale, with his newfound intelligence, stuck at the binding black iron band on the dragon, seemingly freeing it from the demands of the cult.

The dragon did not pursue the party and seemed eager to return to the cultists that bound it. Lots of fiery breath could be seen as the party blinked onward.


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