Red Larch

Red Larch is a little town on the Long Road within the Dessarin Valley, a few days travel north of Wavemeet and south of Yartar and Triboar. Its a waystation for caravans coming to or from the cities of the North, with only one inn, the Swinging Sword, and one tavern, the Helm at Highsun.

An important delegation from the city of Mirabar disappeared in the nearby Sumber Hills. The whole town is also abuzz with news and rumors of fierce raiders, roaming monsters, suspicious strangers, and unseasonable weather.

A Map of the town. The key is below.

1. Allfaiths Shrine: Imdarr Relvaunder and Lymmura Auldarhk
2. Singing Sword Inn: Kaylessa Irkell, maid Ghileedha, and stablemaster Iraun Thelder
3. Helm at Highsun: Garlen Harlathurl
4. Mother Yalantha’s:Mother’ Yalantha Dreen
5. Thelorns’ Safe Journeys: Thorsk Thelorn and Asdan Thelorn
6. Chansyrl Fine Harness: Phaendra Chansyrl
7. Tarnlars’ Clothier: Helvur Tarnlar and Maegla Tarnlar
8. Lorren’s Bakery: Mangobarl Lorren
9. Tantur Smithy: Eldras Tantur and family
10. Drouth Fine Poultry: Nahaeliya Drouth
11. Butchery: Jalessa Orna, Constable Harburk Tuthmarillar, and crew
12. Dornen Finestone: Elak Dornen and crew
13. Ironhead Arms: Feng Ironhead
14. Mhandyvver’s Poultry: Minthra “Minny” Mhandyvver and family
15. Haeleeya’s Bathhouse and Dresshop: Haeleeya Hanadroum
16. Waevlur’s Wagonworks: Ilmeth Waelvur and crew
17. Gaelkur’s (Babershop and Local Tavern): Marlandro Gaelkur
18. Mellikho Stoneworks: Albaeri Mellikho and crew
19. Luruth’s Tannery: Ulhro Luruth and crew
20. Bethendur’s Storage: Aerego Bethendur and crew
21. Market: Various farmhands, and Grund
22. Vallivoe’s Sundries: Endrith Vallivoe

Surrounding Area:

Red Larch

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