Terken Dreadmore


Terken is a tall, thin, and blonde-haired wood elf with blue eyes.


Terken was born to a prominent elven family, a family which had long been sought-after magic users throughout this region of Faerun. Terken’s father and grandfather both had worked with the wealthy and nobles of their ages, weaving whatever magic was needed.

But things were different of Terken being only half elven; he had been brought to Silverymoon after his mother had died when he was only one year old. His father agreed to take care of him. Things were different for Terken, as he came to learn, not because his father had a son out of wedlock, but because he has a half-elf, no one in Silverymoon particularly cared for him – he was just tolerated.

He did not let this bother him especially during his school year he became fascinated with elvish history. He spent hours learning about it and then he came upon some history about a fierce battle with the dragon goddess Tiamat. That’s when he realized the elves didn’t care for anyone not pure of their race – it wasn’t just him.

But there were groups out there that fought against wrong-doers, so Terken’s studies changed and he began researching these groups: who they were and what they stood for. After some time he sought out the Harpers guild and joined them. There, they taught him all about their ways and set him about researching and gathering information for them. He even spent time in Silverymoon and its neighboring cities, gathering information for the guild.

Then at last the Harpers set Terken to his own mission: he was to travel to Red Larch, and as he set out – leaving town for the first time – he realized not only did the elves not like him, he did not care for them either.

Maybe working with the Harpers was the right thing – maybe just fighting evil for goodness sake wasn’t the way to look at it…

Maybe it was fighting those who would oppose him.

Terken Dreadmore

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