Human Burglar. 5' 8" 165 pounds.


Throughout most of his life, Tavish “Slither” Carmichael lived on the straight and narrow. Son of a carpenter, he quickly learned the trade and was known in the small company for quickly climbing up ladders and squirming his way into the tight spaces where other workers would often drop their tools into, earning his nickname. While he got by in life pretty easily, a time came where he was not making enough money as he needed for various expenses. The company was near closing for good when The Zhentarim reached out to him and made him an offer. “Sneak into the homes you’ve helped built, take what is needed, and you will be very well compensated for.” Though weary, he didn’t see much of a choice in the matter.

As it would turn out, he was indeed very successful in his missions. Getting in and getting out without making a sound. Getting bigger and bigger contracts, he began living a bit better than before, but the dots were quickly being connected and the city guard quickly began investigating the company. Slither could not, and would not be found out, so he planted one of his own belongings inside of a new employees home. Unable to prove their innocence, they took the fall and was promptly locked away.

“Impressive Slither. Very crafty. Tell you what, since you’ve proven quite capable, we have a special task for you. You’ll be going to ‘ Red Larch’. There, more will be revealed to you, but don’t worry, another one of our agents, Kaelith, will be accompanying you along the way. Stay together if you wish, but don’t mind his appearance." Agreeing, he said goodbye to his Father and company then made his way.


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