Culling the Cult of Black Earth
Justice, Sweepstakes, Victory, and Getting Stoned

Eleint 1 – Day 81

The party begins at the Lakeside Cottage, early on this new month’s morning. As breakfast is being prepared by new arrival Nerise Gladham, suddenly an earthquake rattles the house.

Running outside, the party find that massive holes have been sundered into the land, one in the center of the small pond in front of the cottage. Rising from the now emptying pond was a purple worm.

The party quickly sent it running back for its life. Varis spent the next little while patching the pond’s hole. Demic, meanwhile, went about breaking Nerise Gladham by gifting her eight. hundred. gold pieces. Nerise stood, looking over the gold, for a solid minute.

After a bit more cleaning, eating, and prepping, the party went into the town of Yartar to see the damage the earthquake brought. The city had suffered damage, and the construction of the tavern had been delayed.

The party then began helping the town guard stop looters, helping the town workers fill in holes, and helping the construction crew regain lost time on the tavern.

During this encounter, Sava and Demic worked together to catch Nareen Dhest and her remaining manservant in the act of looting a jewelry store. As the guards began carting the two off, Sava worked a bit of bardic charm to convince the manservant to leave behind his clothes. The manservant suddenly overwhelmed with remorse for his past deeds, tossed aside his attire into a nearby hole, covering the earth elemental form of Varis.

Later that night, the party return to the cottage.

Eleint 2- Day 82

Early in the morning, Sava receives a letter by an eagle from the Lords’ Alliance, informing him of a lost dwarven crown and adventurer by the name Reulek that was sent to retrieve it. The letter asks that both be found and returned to the Alliance and that underneath the Sacred Stone Monastery would be the place to start looking. The party, agreeing that this would be a great moment to finish the Cult of Earth for good, ready themselves for the journey. On their way out of the area, they purchase a pair of horses, and Varis assumes the form of a horse himself.

Eleint 4 -Day 84

The party arrives at the Monastery, and see that a scar of burnt trees and landmarks where a Warband has made its way through, signaling the more brazen strength of the uncontested fire cult.

The inside of the monastery is silent and quite. Exploring below, the party encounters the remains of those who had disturbed the Lich who resides above. Communicating with bats, Varis confirms the rampage that Renwick went on, as well as the path the gnome took.

Continuing through the dungeon, they encounter a female Dao (earth genie), who is busy working on a fancy looking war pick. She explains that she is bound by a one-sided deal to Marlos Urnrayle, the prophet of elemental earth. She promises the elemental weapon she is working on in exchange for Marlos’ death and the destruction of the earth portal. The party agree and continue down deeper.

Passing by a few obstacles, including a stone throne room with lifelike statues, the party eventually enters into the Fane of the Eye. Here, they move past a dark obsidian sarcophagus, and into a chamber with a small ziggurat and a black altar. Standing over the altar, over a bound and gagged gnome, is Marlos Urnrayle, a few gargoyles, and a few monks.

A battle breaks out, with Demic teleporting the bound gnome to safety. As the battle continues, Marlos separates the party with a thick stone wall, leaving Varis alone with Marlos and his goons. Varis quickly succumbs to Marlos’ petrifying gaze, and Marlos makes the mistake of pursuing the adventures. A few rounds later, and Marlos lays dead, along with his goons, save one monk.

The gnome begins to un-petrify Varis’s head, as Demic goes and touches the black altar. Demic leaves the altar incensed, and oddly shaking with terror. He summarily executes the remaining monk out of rage.

The party decides to open the black sarcophagus. Nothing of value is inside.

The party go onward to the other portions of the Black Earth caverns and reclaim the dwarven crown – with the gnome’s help. They also go to find the Black Geode – a massive shifting structure of stone that, with the help of the elemental weapon Ironfang, is destroyed. This action triggers an earthquake, which the party quickly outrun with Demic’s teleportation.

They stop quickly to the Dao to claim their reward and then continue outside.

The gnome takes his leave. In this distance, the screams of a furious Lich can be heard – apparently, it was not at all quiet enough for him.

Eleint 6 – Day 86

The party returns to the Cottage. With the halls of the hunting axe now a quest to complete, and a paladin informing them of a Giant to the north that is taking in the remnants of the air and water cult, there is plenty left to do.

The Hunt of the Howling Hatred
Delving the deepest caves to end the most manipulative cult

Eleasis 27 – Day 77

The party – Demic, Varis, and Scale – continued deep within the Howling Caves, seeking out the Air Cult leadership, and the chaotic rift of elemental energy.

Exploring, the group came across a mysterious tomb in the middle of a large pond, light with luminescing fungi. On approach, it became clear that the casket was covered with yellow mold. This called for a Scale to open, which he did. Inside, the remains of a dwarven hero, and most importantly, a sword of Dragon Slaying. The skeleton moaned with the theft of its blade but otherwise did not react.

The group continued onward, encountering a black pudding ooze. The group teleported away, thus vanishing from the fight.

Continuing deeper, the group come across a whole group of cultists. The group dies quickly, but Demic gathers some useful information — that up ahead is a series of obstacles that leads to Aeresi Kalinoth and her Elemental Portal of Air. Specifically, a bunch of prisoners guarded by something unseeable, a small battalion of elite priests, and then Aeresi herself flanked by even more elite guard (these comprised of elementals and myrmidons).

The group continue deeper, and encounter the prisoners. Bound and nearly dead, they plead their freedom. Demic does the sign of the air cult to thin air, seemingly satisfying whatever invisible watchers there may be. Demic then chats with the relectant prisoners. The group learns that invisible demons guard this spot. The group also learns that one of the prisoners is Deseyna Norvael, an important noble lady that was part of the Mirabar Delegation that Terken and Cyril were so involved with. With this knowledge, the party began to plan a hasty escape.

Just as Scale turned eyes of fury upon Varis.

Demic blinked away with the two prisoners, just as Scale beat down on Varis. A tall, demonic hunchedback man appeared moments later, fury in their red eyes over the loss of its prisoners. Moments later, another ape-like demon appeared, and a full on battled ensued.

The party did, of course, win.

From here, the group left the whole structure, and when safe, supplied the cleric Deseyna with some materials to perform a Word of Recall ritual.

Arriving in Wavemeet inside Deseyna’s dust filled home, the party finally breathed a sigh of relief. They had saved the prisoners, and Deseyna already seemed overcome with excitement.

Deseyna immediately agreed to renegotiate the details of Demic’s loans in Yartar, allowing him to pay her off whenever he gathered the funds. She also, swearing off any adventuring, began gathering her own collection of magical items to gift to these adventurers.

The party gathered their gifts, and with the aid of some Whiteswords Guildmembers, warped back to Yartar.

Eleasis 28 – Day 78

Scale is now smart.

The group, getting up rather early, begin making plans to rescue the other prisoner’s family from Beliard to the east. The farmer Nerise Gladham encourages this plan of action. Demic is heavily invested, with goals of obtaining another maid/tavern worker.

Eleint 1 – Day 81

The party return from Beliard with one child in tow. The group had found that the town of Beliard had had the fire cult cut through some months ago, leaving the farmhouse of Nerise Gladham in ashes. Her two sons were said to have not survived, carried off by hounds of fire.

The group, on the way back, killed three of the cult’s elementals. The group also saw a young red dragon bound in the service of the fire cult. Scale, with his newfound intelligence, stuck at the binding black iron band on the dragon, seemingly freeing it from the demands of the cult.

The dragon did not pursue the party and seemed eager to return to the cultists that bound it. Lots of fiery breath could be seen as the party blinked onward.

Dungeon Scouring
"Scale, go do the dangerous thing"

Eleasis 22 – Day 72

In Yartar area, at the Cottage, Demic and ‘Terken’ meet a new fellow who was in rapt conversation with Enralis. The figure introduces themself as Varis, an elven druid. Varis is very easily persuaded to join the party to do the adventuring.

Demic takes Varis on the Yartar tour, showing off all the things he is deeply indebted too. Demic sees some Mathias couriers, and promises to bring Savattarius when he can.

Demic gets splashed with a chamber pot. He threatens the hard-of-sight elderly lady who did it. Demic threatens to take her monthly wage. She responds that she needs it to feed herself and her grandson. Demic wonders aloud why she needs to feed her grandson. She replies that his parents were killed in a forest fire a month ago, WHICH DEMIC CAUSED. (sorry, caps lock).

Demic is escorted out by guards. Demic complies, respecting the law.

Meanwhile, bored to tears, Scale leaves to go on another ill advised hunt ALONE. (sorry, caps).

Scale encounters some hob gobbos and a few angry puppies. They shred into him. A cyclone appears. Nearly kills Scale. SNDC: 4.5.

Sava comes to and gets a nastygram from his Lady, essentially asking what in this unjust, unfair, and cold world is taking so long – and that she expects far more from him, if not for her, then for her children.

The party decide to go to the earth, the fire, smash the air tower, sneak into the air temple, go to the air temple via the water temple and smash the air cult.

Eleasis 23 – Day 73

More planning

Eleasis 25 – Day 75

Party arrives at Rivergard after fighting a platoon of bugbears.

Eleasis 27 – Day 77

Party arrives in Howling Hatred Temple. Enter the Fane of the Eye. Therein explore, and find a statue of an Old Evil God. “Hey Scale, go pull the valuable gem off that statue.” Scale does so. Scale explodes into a puddle of sentient black goo.

Terken removes the curse.

SNDC: 5.0

Party continue and encounter a battlefield of the elements. They hoodwink an Air Mymridon into thinking they are air cultists. They proceed, but eventually say “Theres no bad guys, we MUST BE IN THE WRONG PLACE.” (sorry, caps). They then leave.

The enter a new area underneath the pyramid in the Howling Hatred Temple. Down in the Howling Caves, they begin to find more air cult related things. A room that changes temperature wildly, another Mymridon, and a room that steals your air.

“Hey Scale, go get that thing in the evil room.” Scale could have suffocated to death. SNDC: 5.5.

Party find a tons of valuable loot.

Party ends the night in the devastated village of deep gnomes, who seem to have been the first test site of the Devastation Orb of Air.

Treants and Taverns
"What's a little debt between friends?"

Eleasis 11 – Day 61

The party, save for Demic and Scale, seemed a little out of it, permitting a session of reckless abandon.

Demic and FAKE Savattarius go to purchase a Lakeside Cottage three miles from Yartar, with a loan of 10k due in 1 month, on pain of asset repossession, potential indentured slavery, and up to capital punishment.

Scale clears the Cottage of three water weird. Almost dies (Scale’s Near Death Counter (SNDC): 1).

Scale swims in the water later that day. Is attacked by numerous biting snakes. Almost dies. SNDC: 2.

Scale investigates the whirlpool in the lake by the cottage. Fights the whirlpool. Wins. Almost dies. SNDC: 3.

Party gets lake loot – a cache of stuff left by and guard by the Crushing Wave Cult.

Eleasis 12 -Day 62

Party hires druid to finish basement (300gp). Demic spends 200gp to furnish the place.

Scale is bored. Hunts things. Finds an old treant by name of Enralis the Knotted. Could have gone very badly. SNDC: 3.5.

Demic purchases illicit magical good (pipe of smoke monsters) from iAmVerySmart kid in Yartar.

Eleasis 14 – Day 64

Demic warps he and Scale to Red Larch.

Talk with Kaylessa Irkell, operator of Swinging Sword Inn. Asks her if she would drop everything in her life to work in Yartar at a new Inn. She declines.

She shows demic a box left by a small man. Box looks like Devastation Orb box. Demic removes box to forest, has Scale watch it.

Scale sees a small man spying on him. Scale eats him. Plot point now digesting.

Party chalks the box up to a prank. Letter inside demands the “He be returned, else this will be a real orb next time”. Party leaves town.

Eleasis 15 – Day 65

Party back at Yartar. Purchase the land, materials, and labor to build a Tavern and a dock on the Dessarin River in Yartar’s business district (7,500 gp, 3 month loan).

Eleasis 20 and 21- Day 70 and 71

Kaylessa arrives at Yartar. Does business stuff. Finds a manager. Introduces same iAmVerySmart kid Owyn Unbodoben to the group. Demic does not like. Kaylessa likes. Convinces Demic to like. The party now likes.

Decide on a name for tavern: Bronze Turtle Tavern – upscale adventuring themed tavern for those looking for an exclusive and premier place to stay. Inspired by the crabby docksmaster of Yartar.

Ander's Last Farewell
"Yeah... the Water Cult is a Goner"

Eleasis 5-10 – Days 55-60

The party continued to delve deeper into the caverns below the Crushing Wave Temple. They leave some shadows to kill the dragon turtle.

There, after a long rest and hearing strange voices in some of their heads, they continued deeper.

The voices now gone, the fish people down here now dead, the party come across some slimy dead reavers. They also come across a chalice among a large lake of underground water.

Ontop the chalice is Ander, conducting some ritual or other. As the party attempts to shoot him, he summons a monstrous creature, and becomes invisible.

A decent fight occurs between the party and the ink monster, while a flying invisible kaelith chases after the invisible Ander.

Fight nearly finished, the party begins coordinating over the earpieces on where Ander might be. The party forgets that Ander, too, has an earpiece, and so actively counters their plans.

Giving up, the monster defeated, the party reclaim the drained Drown, Ander’s Letter, and then seal shut the Water Rift.

The party return, taking a newly fashioned turtle boat with them.

Kaelith is summoned to go away. The party is introduced to the murderous Scale.

The group agrees to kill “a” cult, though which flavor is still up in the air.

An Exodus of the Fearful
The flee of evil, cult and friend alike

Eleasis 5 – Day 55

Continuing on the upper floor of the Howling Hatred Temple pyramid, the group begin by tearing into Ander and his motivations. Terken goes as far as to press the blame of the elemental relic Drown, suggesting that Ander be unattuned from the weapon. Ander is at first reluctant, but at the affirmation that the weapon shall remain in his possession, acquiesces.

From there, the party break into different long-rest watch parties, with a massive focus downstairs with the large marble doors, the other side of which lurks a vengeful wyvern.

At the end of the long rest, Ander has gone. With him Drown, and the glass tank full of demon ichor. The party, only mildly surprised, finds that he left through a hole made in the pyramid, and he had suffered mildly at the claws of the wyvern before plunging over the dark waterful west of the pyramid. With hours of travel, though weak and without the benefits of a long rest, Ander seems to have left to pursue his own plans.

The sudden departure sparks the absolutely, completely rational, defiant rage within the party, vowing to slay he-who-would-dare-leave-the-party-without-saying-goodbye-first. Attachment issues aside, the (unproven) claim that Ander would not heal the party weighs on the minds of the group, as well as the slightly more convincing argument that he does possess the relic of an ex-cult leader.

Eager to let their pent up rage and fury out, as a pre-dinner appetizer to the main course of eviscerating the scapegoated halfling, the party prowled the remains of the Howling Hostility Sanctuary. In each case, they incinerate a starving cloaker, perform a lobotomy on a curious umberhulk, barbeque a school of ghouls on a field trip of discovery, and snipe a troupe of performing kenku.

Bloodthirst quenched, for the time being, the group descend down a level lower through the ribcage of a long dead purple worm, leaving entirely the Howling Hospitality Sanctuary. The caves below contain many diversions and activities for the vicious group to tear down and ruin, from combat training swords to the wondrous music of the sirens.

Deciding to rather focus on the Clan of the Cuddly Wave, the party ascend once more the remains of the purple worm, leaving what lies below the Temple of Hooting Hospitality for another time.

The murderers arrive in the outskirts of the now delightfully damp edges of the Temple of Cradling Wave, with over two and a half feet of enchanting, luscious water covering the admittedly unremarkable floor of the Sanctum of the Cuddly Wave.

With eyes still bloodshot with illogical bereavement of the alluring halfling and his totally understandable desire to cut ties with the barbaric monsters he traveled with, the clutch of evil that is the adventurers rests just outside the cuddles of the sanctum.

- Signed, with love


This has been a story recounting by the magnificence of Ander to Kaylessa Irkell, as retold by the traveling bards who witnessed the original recounting of the heroic tale, citing cult records of the evil band of adventurers coupled with the admirable deeds of the Prophet.

Flight of the Howling Hatred Prophet
Prisoner rescue, Wyvern handling, Demon slaying

Eleasis 5- Day 45

The party continues from the ruined dwarven temple and the Djinn, and go after the cult within the Temple of Howling Hatred. Being sneaky, the group advance upon undedicated cultists. The group frees prisoners (who are doomed to die shortly).

The group plays with giant gears, with unknown-to-them purpose. They are sure to really turn it in all directions, just in case.

A fight in the pyramid area begins with an invisible Kaelith one-shotting a wyvern rider, being one-shot by an invisible stalker, who is in turn one-shot by Ander. The wyvern is subdued by Demic, although the strength of his power seemed to stop short of turning the wyvern into a weapon against the cult.

The group entered the temple, met with an impressive force of Howling Hatred. The impressive force dies, save for one of the Skyweavers, who escapes below.

Upstairs the group encounters a solo winged-demon called a Vrock. The fight is one step short of breaking the group, though with the addition of an angry wyvern, seemed possible. The group, leveling, snag the horn above the abandoned throne.

The Fading Embers of Summer
The Midsummer Anniversary

Midsummer – Day 49

The party continues this morning in the ravaged Triboar, going about their individual festivities. Some build shrines (Terken, Ander. and Kaelith), others help the wounded (Sava and Demic).

Demic steals some gems from a kindly old jewelcrafter, although does return a handful of gems, in good faith. A little girl gets some honey for her birthday.

Not everyone receives a message from their God(dess), though everyone agrees that the next target should be Yartar.

Eleasis (Highsun) – Day 50

The group arrive in Yartar, and go about gathering information and supplies. Demic tortures Nareen Dhest’s guards, suggesting they have 10 days to live.

Demic encourages homeless to communicate ‘10’ to these two guards. The homeless are beaten, left for dead.

Demic encourages a frustratingly iAmVerySmart child to burn down or mark the home of one of these guards, in exchange for money. The kid seemed to be slowly triangulating Demic’s location, but nevertheless seemed motivated to help.

Eleasis 2 and 3 – Days 51 and 52

Travel to Rivergard Keep, and killing the wights there

Eleasis 4 – Day 53

Travel underground through the caves connecting the Temple of Crushing Waves and the Temple of Howling Hatred.

Eleasis 5 – Day 54

Enter the Temple of Howling Hatred, avoid some cultists, and meets Djinn names Ahtayir. The Djinn laments his 263 year servitude to the Dwarven King Torhild Flametoung, king of the Beislmer dwarves and realmkeeper of Tyar-Besil. He asks the party’s aid in reclaiming a horn taken by the Air Prophet Aerisi Kalinoth, a horn that would free Ahtayir if returned to him.

Evil Water's Fall
The Waning of the Crushing Wave's Tide

Flamerule 27 – Day 45

The battle continued, as the dark shadow in the mist in front of the party condensed into the form of another Dark Tide Knight, as well as one of Morbeoth’s proteges. As the fight continued, the shape of the dragonturtle Bronzefume became more and more clear on the edges of the underground whispering lake.

From behind, the prophet of the Crushing Wave Cult Gar Shatterkeel and a fathomer joined the fray.

With tidal wave after tidal wave, in addition to raising the water level of the temple, Gar beat down on the party. Terken, using the water weirds to his boon, managed with the others to defeat the knight and One-eyed Shiver. From there, the party focused Gar.

Not doing well, Gar spoke “If you kill me, the others will know. The Eye sees all.”

Seconds later, Gar fell, with Drown floating atop the raised water.

But the fight was not over, as Bronzefume arrived. In one of her breaths, she annihilated the remains of the cultists and wounded the party.

Seizing the moment for a tactical retreat, the group gathered the relic-trident, the water remains of Gar, and began to go north, after Kaelith (with the aid of the power of the relic) lowered the water of the temple and forced Bronzefume to recede into the deep water of the whispering lake.

Inside the inner Temple, the party began looking around, gathering treasure, and noting a source of the water within the Temple. After some resting and more searching around, the party investigated what turned out to be a small cave, just off of the Temple. Inside, Kaelith set off the methane air in a catastrophic fireball – and in doing so lost a fair portion of treasure. Nevertheless, the party made out well with what was left.

During their long rest into the next day, Terken and a few others set out to resupply the necromancer’s force of undead, taking the unwanted bodies being piled up by the sea trolls.

Flamerule 28 – Day 46

Waking in the early portions of the morning, the group begin to gather their things, fill the four remaining boats within the Temple, and set out. On their way, they pass by many undead beside black pools…

They leave the Temple, with the cult now bereaved of any leaders and the remaining followers scattered in fear. The sun, for what seems like weeks now (though its only been one loooooong day), finally greets their faces.

And from here, the party begin the arduous task of deliberation. “We have too much to carry by foot. Lets bury some near here.” “We NEED to deliver Drown to Triboar first!” “Yartar is the best city to sell all of this.”

As the discussion begins to encircle itself, as the party is skillful at doing, a force of winged humanoids circle overhead. Coming in for a landing, a flock of four Aarokocra meet the group. They thank the party, pausing to ask what they should call this group. Flummoxed, the group stammers that they have yet to decide on a name.

Unpreturbed, the Aarokocra inform the party that the Air Cult has stepped up their scouting parties almost overnight, and that travel West anywhere near thier tower is a fool’s errand. The good news: the cult is having extreme difficulty summoning their Elemental Prince, stymied by a near-godlike figure of Aarokocran legend and the magicks he worked to seal the Prince away. Nevertheless, the cult seems adamant and devoted (traits that are unusual for the cult) to making the summoning come to fruition. The Aarokocra inform the group that they have a fair bit of time before any real threat comes to the forefront from the Feathergale Society, and that when the time comes, they will be there to help.

The group soaks in the information as the scouting party fly off. Finally, the group determines that the best course of action is to go to Yartar via the boats, and sell things there. Terken, in that vein, leaves four skeletal guards in Rivergard Keep, and the party begin their adventure north.

At the end of the day, the group encounter Barry Bluejeans and his band of hunters as they slay a lark elk. After the group pull their boats ashore for the evening, Barry invites the group over to share their camp. There, he tells to party of the devastation that hit Triboar no more than a day ago. A group of pilgrims, clad in dark robes with black feathers, walked right into the center of Triboar with a box lined with strange symbols. There, they opened the box, and began to book it. Minutes later, the town and the land within a few miles errupted with spontaneous cyclones and tornadoes. The town did not survive, save for the stone building of the Waterbaroness, and a tiny shack. The hunters ask if the party might know anything about what would cause the pilgrims to target Triboar, but the adventurers only give speculative guesses.

The group settles to sleep, their victory the day prior not tainted by the destruction of a city.

Flamerule 29th – Day 47

The group awake and set sail once more, encountering more traders along the route. By 5pm, the group arrives in the docks of Yartar, where a familiar Dockskeeper and Watchful Knight greet them.

Paying for their boats, the group set out many different directions. Ander, Demic, and Savattarius to the Wink and Kiss Tavern to find Anton and to drink, and Terken and Kaelith to search for a Harper Agent.

Terken and Kaelith do encounter a strange fellow, named Percival, who claimed to be “cUrSeD bY a WiTcH tO oNlY SpEaK sArCaStIcAlLy,” and that only powerful adventurers with 1000gp could rid him of the curse. Terken continued his Harper search, while Kealith followed Percival, who seemed to continue his act (if it was an act).

Terken chatted with Kaylee, a soft spoken librarian in Yartar, who mentioned that a Hag in nearby farms was causing trouble, making one-sided deals with the locals in exchange from saftey from the chaotic elements. She also accepted Terken’s information, but was unable to provide a secure means of delivering the relic-Trident to Triboar.

The group retired to the Pearl-Handed Pipe, with Ander ensuring that the night following would have soup on the menu.

Flamerule 30 – Day 48

The party awakes, and with newly rented horses, ride out to Triboar. As the group leave, Demic has an encounter with Nareen Dhest and her two massive bodyguards. Demic attempts to chat with Nareen telepathically, but to his chagrin, meets an iron wall of will that blocks him. Not to be outdone, however, Demic leaves the two guards with a simple farewell: “You have 10 days to live”.

As the party arrives in Triboar around noon, they can see clearly the devastation of the town. Two buldings still seem in functional order, and many tents have been erected to tend to the many wounded. A feild of bodies, still being added to, also are within viewing distance. This town has suffered mightily indeed.

Heading to Xander’s, the group encounter a small group of paladins, warriors, and druids. Marshall, Maxwell, and Lindsey are also shopping at Xander’s, seemingly to find an important ingredient or other to defeat the horrors of the Underdark – powerful Demon Lords. This news struck the Bard, who had seen these horrors first hand nearly five years prior. It would seem that the guilds of good throughout the land are dedicated to dealing with the threat before the threat boils to the surface.

During this time, Terken speaks with the Waterbaroness of the City, whom he finds extremely busy and disheveled, helping those wounded best she can, and giving out orders left and right. She agrees to speak with Terken, if only for a moment, and she informs him that Xander is likely the last entitity that should hang onto the Trident. Quickly, Terken and the Waterbaroness make their way to Xander’s.

Inside the building, all but Kaelith can see the ecclectic and unique ware of Xander’s. No two things alike, and no item recognizable to the group. Some of it magic, yes, but all of it one-of-a-kind and never to be seen made again.

Xander makes a deal with the group for the kid-chair, and he and his ‘lying-cat’ (who seems to detect lies innately), provide an air cultist’s boomerang in exchange. The Trident, however, was taken by Ander to keep.

The group finally retire to a small chamber within the Waterbaroness’s Hall, as most other chambers are already full to burst with the casualties within the town. The small closet fits the party, however, as they each begin to plan what to do on the morrow, the day of Midsummer.

Capsizing the Crushing Wave Cult
Or at least, like, most of them

Flamerule 27 – Day 45

The group began once more within the Temple of the Crushing Wave, having just recovered from the fight with Thuluna Maar. In front of them, Morbeoth continued his spiel, enticing the adventurers to press their advantage and confront Gar Shatterkeel himself, and quickly.

When asked, Morbeoth vacillated again in providing any form of troop support. This conversation stretched on, with doubt consuming the minds of the party. Underestimating their strength, persuaded as such by the unknown power of the Crushing Wave Lieutenant before them, Morbeoth pressed again.

This is when the party snapped. Demic and Ander would no longer allow the psychological games and corrupting infiltration of Morbeoth’s words and hollow promises to hamper their progress. They each struck quick and true, utterly annihilating the deep gnome before he could react.

The party spent a few moments to collect Morbeoth’s things, including a variety of potions, gold, and more letters addressed from the Red Larch spy.

Among Morbeoth’s things were three large, glass canisters. Inside each, gallons of water churned as if trying to escape.


From here, the part set out. Quickly they encountered a portion or Morbeoth’s loyal followers, seemingly loading up boats for a quick escape when needed. After killing the bugbear guards, the group set out with the boats across the underground lake.

The acoustics of the water were unnaturally potent, allowing an unforeseen force of cultists to overhear the adventurers. Seizing the opportunity, Terken adopted a convincing voice of Morbeoth, as well as a disguise. The guise seemed to fool the cultists, who after some convincing altered their plans to turn against the forward guard of Gar Shatterkeel.

As the group approached, a true battle pulled into view. Nearly two dozen enemies covered the ancient dwarven hall, from lizardmen and cultists to dark knights and fathomers.

The fight lasted less than half a minute, as the unaware forward guard was removed before they could respond.

But as the fight went on, the mist leading deeper into the temple grew dark, as a large shape coalesced from the shadows within. Something else seems to be joining the fray.


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