Flight of the Howling Hatred Prophet
Prisoner rescue, Wyvern handling, Demon slaying

Eleasis 5- Day 45

The party continues from the ruined dwarven temple and the Djinn, and go after the cult within the Temple of Howling Hatred. Being sneaky, the group advance upon undedicated cultists. The group frees prisoners (who are doomed to die shortly).

The group plays with giant gears, with unknown-to-them purpose. They are sure to really turn it in all directions, just in case.

A fight in the pyramid area begins with an invisible Kaelith one-shotting a wyvern rider, being one-shot by an invisible stalker, who is in turn one-shot by Ander. The wyvern is subdued by Demic, although the strength of his power seemed to stop short of turning the wyvern into a weapon against the cult.

The group entered the temple, met with an impressive force of Howling Hatred. The impressive force dies, save for one of the Skyweavers, who escapes below.

Upstairs the group encounters a solo winged-demon called a Vrock. The fight is one step short of breaking the group, though with the addition of an angry wyvern, seemed possible. The group, leveling, snag the horn above the abandoned throne.

The Fading Embers of Summer
The Midsummer Anniversary

Midsummer – Day 49

The party continues this morning in the ravaged Triboar, going about their individual festivities. Some build shrines (Terken, Ander. and Kaelith), others help the wounded (Sava and Demic).

Demic steals some gems from a kindly old jewelcrafter, although does return a handful of gems, in good faith. A little girl gets some honey for her birthday.

Not everyone receives a message from their God(dess), though everyone agrees that the next target should be Yartar.

Eleasis (Highsun) – Day 50

The group arrive in Yartar, and go about gathering information and supplies. Demic tortures Nareen Dhest’s guards, suggesting they have 10 days to live.

Demic encourages homeless to communicate ‘10’ to these two guards. The homeless are beaten, left for dead.

Demic encourages a frustratingly iAmVerySmart child to burn down or mark the home of one of these guards, in exchange for money. The kid seemed to be slowly triangulating Demic’s location, but nevertheless seemed motivated to help.

Eleasis 2 and 3 – Days 51 and 52

Travel to Rivergard Keep, and killing the wights there

Eleasis 4 – Day 53

Travel underground through the caves connecting the Temple of Crushing Waves and the Temple of Howling Hatred.

Eleasis 5 – Day 54

Enter the Temple of Howling Hatred, avoid some cultists, and meets Djinn names Ahtayir. The Djinn laments his 263 year servitude to the Dwarven King Torhild Flametoung, king of the Beislmer dwarves and realmkeeper of Tyar-Besil. He asks the party’s aid in reclaiming a horn taken by the Air Prophet Aerisi Kalinoth, a horn that would free Ahtayir if returned to him.

Evil Water's Fall
The Waning of the Crushing Wave's Tide

Flamerule 27 – Day 45

The battle continued, as the dark shadow in the mist in front of the party condensed into the form of another Dark Tide Knight, as well as one of Morbeoth’s proteges. As the fight continued, the shape of the dragonturtle Bronzefume became more and more clear on the edges of the underground whispering lake.

From behind, the prophet of the Crushing Wave Cult Gar Shatterkeel and a fathomer joined the fray.

With tidal wave after tidal wave, in addition to raising the water level of the temple, Gar beat down on the party. Terken, using the water weirds to his boon, managed with the others to defeat the knight and One-eyed Shiver. From there, the party focused Gar.

Not doing well, Gar spoke “If you kill me, the others will know. The Eye sees all.”

Seconds later, Gar fell, with Drown floating atop the raised water.

But the fight was not over, as Bronzefume arrived. In one of her breaths, she annihilated the remains of the cultists and wounded the party.

Seizing the moment for a tactical retreat, the group gathered the relic-trident, the water remains of Gar, and began to go north, after Kaelith (with the aid of the power of the relic) lowered the water of the temple and forced Bronzefume to recede into the deep water of the whispering lake.

Inside the inner Temple, the party began looking around, gathering treasure, and noting a source of the water within the Temple. After some resting and more searching around, the party investigated what turned out to be a small cave, just off of the Temple. Inside, Kaelith set off the methane air in a catastrophic fireball – and in doing so lost a fair portion of treasure. Nevertheless, the party made out well with what was left.

During their long rest into the next day, Terken and a few others set out to resupply the necromancer’s force of undead, taking the unwanted bodies being piled up by the sea trolls.

Flamerule 28 – Day 46

Waking in the early portions of the morning, the group begin to gather their things, fill the four remaining boats within the Temple, and set out. On their way, they pass by many undead beside black pools…

They leave the Temple, with the cult now bereaved of any leaders and the remaining followers scattered in fear. The sun, for what seems like weeks now (though its only been one loooooong day), finally greets their faces.

And from here, the party begin the arduous task of deliberation. “We have too much to carry by foot. Lets bury some near here.” “We NEED to deliver Drown to Triboar first!” “Yartar is the best city to sell all of this.”

As the discussion begins to encircle itself, as the party is skillful at doing, a force of winged humanoids circle overhead. Coming in for a landing, a flock of four Aarokocra meet the group. They thank the party, pausing to ask what they should call this group. Flummoxed, the group stammers that they have yet to decide on a name.

Unpreturbed, the Aarokocra inform the party that the Air Cult has stepped up their scouting parties almost overnight, and that travel West anywhere near thier tower is a fool’s errand. The good news: the cult is having extreme difficulty summoning their Elemental Prince, stymied by a near-godlike figure of Aarokocran legend and the magicks he worked to seal the Prince away. Nevertheless, the cult seems adamant and devoted (traits that are unusual for the cult) to making the summoning come to fruition. The Aarokocra inform the group that they have a fair bit of time before any real threat comes to the forefront from the Feathergale Society, and that when the time comes, they will be there to help.

The group soaks in the information as the scouting party fly off. Finally, the group determines that the best course of action is to go to Yartar via the boats, and sell things there. Terken, in that vein, leaves four skeletal guards in Rivergard Keep, and the party begin their adventure north.

At the end of the day, the group encounter Barry Bluejeans and his band of hunters as they slay a lark elk. After the group pull their boats ashore for the evening, Barry invites the group over to share their camp. There, he tells to party of the devastation that hit Triboar no more than a day ago. A group of pilgrims, clad in dark robes with black feathers, walked right into the center of Triboar with a box lined with strange symbols. There, they opened the box, and began to book it. Minutes later, the town and the land within a few miles errupted with spontaneous cyclones and tornadoes. The town did not survive, save for the stone building of the Waterbaroness, and a tiny shack. The hunters ask if the party might know anything about what would cause the pilgrims to target Triboar, but the adventurers only give speculative guesses.

The group settles to sleep, their victory the day prior not tainted by the destruction of a city.

Flamerule 29th – Day 47

The group awake and set sail once more, encountering more traders along the route. By 5pm, the group arrives in the docks of Yartar, where a familiar Dockskeeper and Watchful Knight greet them.

Paying for their boats, the group set out many different directions. Ander, Demic, and Savattarius to the Wink and Kiss Tavern to find Anton and to drink, and Terken and Kaelith to search for a Harper Agent.

Terken and Kaelith do encounter a strange fellow, named Percival, who claimed to be “cUrSeD bY a WiTcH tO oNlY SpEaK sArCaStIcAlLy,” and that only powerful adventurers with 1000gp could rid him of the curse. Terken continued his Harper search, while Kealith followed Percival, who seemed to continue his act (if it was an act).

Terken chatted with Kaylee, a soft spoken librarian in Yartar, who mentioned that a Hag in nearby farms was causing trouble, making one-sided deals with the locals in exchange from saftey from the chaotic elements. She also accepted Terken’s information, but was unable to provide a secure means of delivering the relic-Trident to Triboar.

The group retired to the Pearl-Handed Pipe, with Ander ensuring that the night following would have soup on the menu.

Flamerule 30 – Day 48

The party awakes, and with newly rented horses, ride out to Triboar. As the group leave, Demic has an encounter with Nareen Dhest and her two massive bodyguards. Demic attempts to chat with Nareen telepathically, but to his chagrin, meets an iron wall of will that blocks him. Not to be outdone, however, Demic leaves the two guards with a simple farewell: “You have 10 days to live”.

As the party arrives in Triboar around noon, they can see clearly the devastation of the town. Two buldings still seem in functional order, and many tents have been erected to tend to the many wounded. A feild of bodies, still being added to, also are within viewing distance. This town has suffered mightily indeed.

Heading to Xander’s, the group encounter a small group of paladins, warriors, and druids. Marshall, Maxwell, and Lindsey are also shopping at Xander’s, seemingly to find an important ingredient or other to defeat the horrors of the Underdark – powerful Demon Lords. This news struck the Bard, who had seen these horrors first hand nearly five years prior. It would seem that the guilds of good throughout the land are dedicated to dealing with the threat before the threat boils to the surface.

During this time, Terken speaks with the Waterbaroness of the City, whom he finds extremely busy and disheveled, helping those wounded best she can, and giving out orders left and right. She agrees to speak with Terken, if only for a moment, and she informs him that Xander is likely the last entitity that should hang onto the Trident. Quickly, Terken and the Waterbaroness make their way to Xander’s.

Inside the building, all but Kaelith can see the ecclectic and unique ware of Xander’s. No two things alike, and no item recognizable to the group. Some of it magic, yes, but all of it one-of-a-kind and never to be seen made again.

Xander makes a deal with the group for the kid-chair, and he and his ‘lying-cat’ (who seems to detect lies innately), provide an air cultist’s boomerang in exchange. The Trident, however, was taken by Ander to keep.

The group finally retire to a small chamber within the Waterbaroness’s Hall, as most other chambers are already full to burst with the casualties within the town. The small closet fits the party, however, as they each begin to plan what to do on the morrow, the day of Midsummer.

Capsizing the Crushing Wave Cult
Or at least, like, most of them

Flamerule 27 – Day 45

The group began once more within the Temple of the Crushing Wave, having just recovered from the fight with Thuluna Maar. In front of them, Morbeoth continued his spiel, enticing the adventurers to press their advantage and confront Gar Shatterkeel himself, and quickly.

When asked, Morbeoth vacillated again in providing any form of troop support. This conversation stretched on, with doubt consuming the minds of the party. Underestimating their strength, persuaded as such by the unknown power of the Crushing Wave Lieutenant before them, Morbeoth pressed again.

This is when the party snapped. Demic and Ander would no longer allow the psychological games and corrupting infiltration of Morbeoth’s words and hollow promises to hamper their progress. They each struck quick and true, utterly annihilating the deep gnome before he could react.

The party spent a few moments to collect Morbeoth’s things, including a variety of potions, gold, and more letters addressed from the Red Larch spy.

Among Morbeoth’s things were three large, glass canisters. Inside each, gallons of water churned as if trying to escape.


From here, the part set out. Quickly they encountered a portion or Morbeoth’s loyal followers, seemingly loading up boats for a quick escape when needed. After killing the bugbear guards, the group set out with the boats across the underground lake.

The acoustics of the water were unnaturally potent, allowing an unforeseen force of cultists to overhear the adventurers. Seizing the opportunity, Terken adopted a convincing voice of Morbeoth, as well as a disguise. The guise seemed to fool the cultists, who after some convincing altered their plans to turn against the forward guard of Gar Shatterkeel.

As the group approached, a true battle pulled into view. Nearly two dozen enemies covered the ancient dwarven hall, from lizardmen and cultists to dark knights and fathomers.

The fight lasted less than half a minute, as the unaware forward guard was removed before they could respond.

But as the fight went on, the mist leading deeper into the temple grew dark, as a large shape coalesced from the shadows within. Something else seems to be joining the fray.

Sailing into the Temple of Crushing Wave
Hags, trolls, sharks... oh my

Flamerule 28 – Day 46

The group, waking up in the early hours within the walls of Rivergard Keep, begin deliberating on how best to navigate the caverns that stretch below their feet.

Keeping in mind the warning of an elemental guarding the water, Terken sends forth his undead firing squad… to no apparent effect. They do discover, however, that the river that flows into the cave is quite deep, exceeding a 10’ depth.

Rigging up the old boat docked within the Keep, using makeshift oars of shields and spears, the group slowwwwlllllyyyy (2.5’/second), and silently, glide into the slowly moving river. The skeletons – save Kaelith – slowly trudge on either side of the 20’ wide cave, serving as a side guard.

Minutes slowly melt away, dripping like honey on a cold day, as the longboat slides deeper and deeper. After an hour of slow travel, and nearly two miles of dark tunnel, the group come upon a large lake, and a torch-lit quay.

Tied off to the quay the group finds a much nicer longboat, and on it two reavers. On shore, a figure in black armor, a Fathomer, and four more reavers. Taking next to no time, the group begin their volley of attacks. On their turns, the cultists strike back, with the Fathomer and Dark Knight diving into the water.

After a few AoE blasts, the reavers fall. Just as the Dark Knight returns (heh) on top of a Hunter Shark, which destroys the boat, flinging Ander to the shore, and leaving Savattarius alone on the sinking vessel.

Another few rounds go by, as Terken’s firing squad, and the combined forces of the rest of team force a close retreat by the Fathomer and Dark Knight.

From here, the group venture deeper into the cave ahead. They encounter barracks of cultists, which Kaelith attempts to gas (apparently with some decent effect). From there,the group goes over an old dwarven bridge that spans one of the canals that the group had saw earlier. They look through empty ruins, unused prisons, meet a group of disinterested sea trolls, meet a bridge troll, and come upon a disused brewery. They also came upon a strange little clay doll with a creepy eye, but all shot first and asked questions never.

Within the brewery a small gnome named Morbeoth. This seemed no ordinary gnome, as where his right eye would be was nothing but a bead of piercing cold. The arcane laboratory also had a similar cool mist along the floor.

Morbeoth was quick to use words, hoping to defuse the situation before nothing more could be done. He greeted the group, whom he had heard so much about, taking note that their actions was making it nigh impossible for the Cult of the Crushing Wave to recruit more people. Acknowledging that he is a trusted lieutenant to Gar Shatterkeel, he was quick to point out that he might be a valuable ally, noting too how the group seemed eager on adopting ‘strays’ – pointing out Ander as an example.

Unfortunately, a patrolling group of reavers entered in, and while Morbeoth ‘tried’ to have them leave, they all knew the faces of the Cult Slayers, and were not about to let a superior get in their way. Though Morbeoth lended little but sardonic support for his cult, the adventuring party made quick work of the reavers.

From here, Morbeoth, although with no small amount of tooth -pulling from the group, gave up a lot of information about the inner workings and hierarchy of the cult, as well as a map of the Temple of Crushing Wave. He mentioned Thuluna Maar, the sea hag lieutenant that Morbeoth disguised no happy feelings for. Warning the group of her power, her defenders, and of her tactics, he pushed the group in her direction.

The fight with Thuluna was a quick one. The only casualty being Kaeliths pride, as he was momentarily a massive carp.

Morbeoth returned, immediately looting the area, as the group began to do the same. In addition to valuables and a magical sword, the group encountered a more macabre item. Standing a bit from the majestic bed of this once royal room was a chair, not unlike any of the others in the room, had it not been for the sound of a child emanating from it. “Whats going on? Who’s there? Is she gone?”. The group quickly summized that the chiar might have been forcibly possessed by the soul of a child that Thuluna had nabbed. Terken noted its potential value, and immediately took the sobbing piece of furniture, nevermind that it appeared to take what remaining strength the feeble half-elf had.

From here, the group recognized that in their current state, they could not fight Gar Shatterkeel and whatever dreadful powers he and his relic-weapon Drown possesses. The group turned to Morbeoth once again, who after a bit more tooth-pulling provided shelter within one of the empty brewing pots.

Rested, and apprehensively making plans to the next step – killing Gar Shatterkeel – the curtain falls, and the session comes to a close.

Demonstrations and Destruction
Here Comes a New Challenger

Flamerule 24-27, Day 42-45

“Remember, no fire balls” – kaelith
“yeah ok” – demic
‘The gang burns down the forest with fireballs’

Ander shows up. Anton is his buddy.

Group goes to Rivergard Keep.

End of Flamerule 27.

Rites and Resurrection
A Sojourn in Yartar

Flamerule 17 – Day 35

The party, steeling themselves from the horror of the acid trap, contemplated their next steps. With Cyril dead, and the threat of a return of power of Rivergard Keep should they leave, the party began to set a plan.

First, the group loots the keep, taking much more care this time to search and ensure there are no traps. Terken goes about setting up skeleton guards on the walls, armored and equipped with the extra materials from the armory. The party, planning to set sail early in the morning, sleeps.

Flamerule 18 – Day 36

The party steals the Kraken Priest’s boat, Boaty McBoatface, from the Keep’s harbor and set sail. Terken leaves another two skeletons to guard the keep.

Searching the cargo hold, the group encounters a variety of trade goods, in addition to another trap, which was disarmed by Kaelith.

Flamerule 19 – Day 37

The group spot rivertraders on the Dessarin River. The party passes by.

Flamerule 20 – Day 38

The party lands Boaty in the harbor of Yartar, where the docks-keeper takes an inspection of the boat and hands everyone a claim card for the boat.

Here, the group ask about where to find a competent priest, one to whom the miracle of resurrection is known. They are directed to the stone temple of the Allhammer in the eastern part of the city.

Inside, they are met with an aging dwarf, Vassad Thoban. Upon receipt of the required material cost fee (1000gp), he guides the group into a beautiful cavern of a variety of natural ores and geodetic crystals.

From here, Cyril’s corpse was placed upon the marble altar, and Terken, Demic, and Savattarius stood around him. The ritual then began.

Vasaad crushed the material diamond, the dust of which coalesced into a spinning nebula of light that whirled slowly over the corpse.

Demic was the first to attempt to empower and hone the ritual, reaching out to the Outer Realms for knowledge, wisdom, and advice on the nature of such rituals and whether his insight might lead to an intuitive solution. Leaning on his own internal Insight, Demic seemed to strengthen the ritual, even as the impersonal nature of his attempt was set to work against him.

Next Terken stepped forward. Focusing on the arcane trappings and knowledge shared between himself and Cyril, and the kindred intrest in such esoteric things, Terken made a plea out into the aether for Cyril to return. In his personal call to Cyril, Terken’s Persuasiveness too seemed to add to the ritual at hand.

Lastly, Savattarius attempted to aid the ritual. At a distinct disadvantage, having only known Cyril for a day, Savattarius seized upon his optimism and played a song crafted for Cyril. Unfortunately, the fates seemed aligned against him, as the song did not aid the ritual – the candlelights losing a bit of their magical glow.

A beat passed. And another.

And another.

/gasp/, as the air fills Cyril’s lungs.

Rest of Flamerule 20-24 – Days 38-42

The group buys, sells, creates, schmoozes, chats, and other party endeavors. Cyril and Savattarius speak about the concerns Demic continues to raised within the party, specifically the careless murder of three innocent civilians in Rivergard Keep.

A majority of the group encounter, once more, the sight of the Hand of Yartar under the guise of Nareen Dhest and her two oafish bodyguards.

Sava speaks with Nestra Ruthiol, the waterbaroness of Yartar.

Cyril, still weak and recovering from his recent death, decides that this fast paced life is not what he needs at the moment. He says his goodbyes, as he and Ace make their way to Durnatel.

The Second Siege
Demonstrating overwhelming force

Flamerule 16 – Day 34

The party, early in the morning, see the arrival of a magnificent carriage bearing the scarlet letter “M”, denoting some degree of royalty. Stepping from the carriage was a white, grey, and black colored tabaxi, clad in traveling leathers and wearing a shield, sword, and lute. This individual, introduced as Savattarius, was awkwardly interviewed by the party, and enthusiastically interviewed by Demic.

As this continued, Terken and Cyril departed to speak with Endrith Vallivoe. There, he explained that the forces of Rivergard were indeed increased. Multiple priests, nearly two dozen bandits and thugs, half a dozen bugbears, and worst – a Kraken Priest had taken up residence within the Keep. Endrith revealed that a Harper mage known as Trish had infiltrated the keep after the party’s first culling of the keep, for the day the party needed to do so again.

Meanwhile, Savattarius left to meet with his contacts, the Tarnlars. Inside, he met Helvur Tarnlar and Maegla Tarnlar, along with their children. Interested at first sight at the appearance of a Tabaxi, Helvur asked what he might be able to do for such a confident and distinguished person. On mention of Lords’ Alliance business, Helvur took Savattarius in the back.

Many accidental remarks about “Savamarius’s” coat of fur later, a 50 platinum fee was passed to Helvur, who seemed excited to explore how might he would best serve an agent of the House Mathias.

The group, returning together, set out as a whole to Rivergard Keep.

At noon, a flyby of what seemed to be Feathergale ‘Monks’ with wingsuits startled the adventurers. Hiding for a few minutes with no apparent follow-up from the Feathergale people, the group set out again.

Late at night, the group creep up within the nearby forest to the Rivergard Keep. Here, Demic and Cyril work together to deliver a psionically linked pellet of ammunition into the keep. With this clever insight, Demic and the party learns that the keep is indeed fortified, and the Kraken Priest appears to be exactly what was warned. Additionally, Demic learns the location of Trish – on the western wall.

Approaching, invisibly, Demic reaches out to Trish. Trish certainly sounds battle worn, or perhaps her speach just reflects the mental cadence of a spy. In either case, she cautiously proposes a meeting the following day.

Flamerule 17 – Day 35

The party set out to the stone tripod mentioned by Trish. Following Kaelith through the miles of forest, it became apparent that even with aid from the party, that the groups survival skills would ensure that they would arrive nearly half an hour late.

Sure enough, Trish was no-where to be seen. Minutes go by, as she eventually arrives, a young deer around her neck. She offers help best she is able, and together the party kill off a few thugs to get disguises. Trish accepts Kaelith’s poison, and a plan is hatched.

Everyone, except Kaelith (bound by the Watchful Knight), snuck into the Keep. At night, after the poison had severely hampered the cult, the adventurers struck out.

A huge fight against impossible (no, really, impossible) odds, the group finish off the majority of the cult – priests, thugs, bandits, bugbears….

The group begins looting, as Cyril steps away from the group to loot a separate room. Inside he finds the commoners. Suddenly, he is unable to move, as five commoners drop their sniveling guise. Five swings of blades later, Cyril is unconcious.

The party, caught unaware, step into the battle. A fireball from Demic renders the room scorched. Three innocent commoners incinerated, and Cyril again nearly dead a round later.

As the assassin steps into the room, he is engulfed by the true form of the diguised Fathomer – a snake of pure water. Bludgeoning damage threatening to end Kaelith, the party rallies once more to end the fight.

Bloody, and severely wounded, the group make minor efforts to bolster themselves before once more going into loot-mode. They return to the large-unlocked-chest-of-tons-of-stuff-in-the-unguarded-room, where, after emptying nearly half of it, a trap sprung.

Nearly 40 points of acid damage burst forth from the wooden box, spraying all over anyone nearby. Two party members are suddenly very close to unconsciousness. Two party members are suddenly very surprised.

One party member is suddenly very dead.

The surviving characters begin doing what they can. Healing potions, spells. The shock is apparent, “If only we had…” is on the tongue of all in the room.


The Keep’s defenses lie in ruin, what defenders there were have fled.

The valuables that lie within the Keep still sleep in their boxes, pockets, and other hidey-holes.

The party must now decide – leave the Keep to revive Cyril and thus risk the rehabilitation of the Keep to the Cult of the Crushing Wave,


delve deeper into the Temple that resides below the Keep, while the cult is still reeling?

Delivering Devastation
A trip to Triboar

Flamerule 3 – Day 21

The brave adventurers, clear from their deadly encounter hours earlier, set out with the Devastation Orb of Fire in tow behind two horses in a cart. The party advance cautiously.

At midday break, the crew encounter a flying scout party from the Feathergale Spire — one Feathergale Priest and young lordling Trenton Gulduvan, Feathergale Enthusiast. They both offer support in the forests ahead, where the Cult of Eternal Flame is known to be guarding in search for their lost Orb.

Sure enough, mere hours later the party find themselves under seige by a flame warrior and his hell hound. Less that 10 seconds later after engaging the fight, a flame priest and another hell hound join the skirmish.

With fireballs and fiery breath consuming the area, the horses got spooked and began charging ahead, Orb in tow.

Demic charged forward, attempting to soothe the spooked beasts, as around him the Feathergale Knights rained death on the Fire cultists, and the party beat back the fire worshipers.

As the fire cult seemed defeated, the Feathergale Knights took the moment to their advantage, swooping down upon the cart and absconding with the Orb.

The damaged and now incensed party lay waste to the aerial thieves, mind controlling and pelting the griffin and vulture.

Eventually, the Feathergale Society members, showing their true colors, lay dead, and the Orb safely again in the hands of the party. Confused and feeling betrayed, Demic left a note on the enemy griffin as he sent it off. “Why’d you steal from us? We were friends. I don’t understand.”

The group grabbed the Orb’s crate, and slept the night, and in the morning walked into Triboar. This bustling city was immediatly familiar to Kaelith, whose Templars work from this town. It was immediate home to Terken and Cyril too, as the Lord Protector of the town Darathra Shendrel is a high ranking Harper agent, who set the group up with food and lodging for bringing the Orb back to saftey.

The Orb was returned by all except Kaelith to Xander’s Antiquaries, a small run-down building that only a few seasoned adventurers seemed to show their patronage. Inside, an ancient lich by the name of Xander Beauregard accepted the Orb and offered a reprimand against the Harpers, for being tardy in the return.

Kaelith, on the other hand, was visited by a different being, a half-elf named Derevi. Invited inside his tent, Kaelith saw much like the other party saw within Xander’s – a plethora of ancient and likely powerful items, flora, and fauna. Instead, however, Kaelith was the one recieving a gift, a simply silver ring with a strange runic engraving. Derevi’s tent was not seen by the others, as Kaelith could not see anything but an abandoned building for Xander’s.

The group decided to take a ten-day to themselves, crafting items, scribing scrolls, brewing potions, concocting poisons, spinning tales of sinister and ominous places far from here…

Flamerule 14th – Day 32
The party set out to Red Larch

Flamerule 15 – Day 33

The party arrive in Red Larch, and root out Justran Daehl as a Cult of the Crushing Wave spy, at the request of Endrith Valivoe. Justran outs Ghileeda, the maid of the Swinging Sword Inn as well, and both are taken by the Constable to face justice in the form most appropriate. The group learn that an ancient temple lies underneath Rivergard Keep, and since Jolly’s death, Gar Shatterkeel has extended his influence from the temple below to the surface. This influence takes the form of a much higher guard at Rivergard, likely including acolytes from the Temple below.

The party, with this news, contemplate for many an hour on what the best course of action is. Retaliate at the Fire Cult at the Scarlet Moon Hall, take vengeance against the Feathergale Society at Feathergale Spire, strike at the secrets in the valley nearby the Feathergale Spire, cull the growing army at Rivergard Keep and capitalize on the newfound information of a secret underground Temple, or slip into the now unguarded Sacred Stone Monastery and learn what lies below the basalt floors of the now silent halls.

Making a decision to set out to Rivergard, the group retire for the night.

Flamerule 16 – Day 34

In the morning, just as they are to set out for Rivergard, they are halted by a peculiar sight in the simple little town of Red Larch. Pulling in from the south of town is a magnificent scarlet and marble carriage, emblazoned with an undeniably royal crest, center to it a scarlet “M”. The carriage pull right up to the Swinging Sword Inn, at the feet of the party, and the door opens….

Tracking Down a Devastation Orb
Grinding Money and Obliterating Assassins

Kythorn 30 – Day 18

The group continued the fight within the Sacred Stone Monastery, eventually fighting and taking out Qarbo and his elite guard. While the basement of the Monastery still held mysteries, the group set out to deal with an urgent issue in Yartar – the theft of a dangerous magical nuke, a weapon of the Fire Cult.

The group left the Monastery, to find a contingent from the Feathergale Spire resting outside. They explained they were about to lay siege to the evil that lies within the Monastery, and were eager to find that the group already had done so. Thurl Merroska and his knights suggested that the group defeat the dangers that inevitably lay beneath the Monastery, yet the party insists moving on to Yartar. The Knights provide the party a few griffin mounts, to the chagrin of Cyril, who had just finished building boats. Demic seemed very taken with the derpy griffin.

The party fly off to Yartar, where they meet various contacts, and learn of the thief selling the Orb of Destruction. They place a bid for 1700 gold, which exceeded the groups funds. After selling much of the groups capital assets, buying honey, fishing for trout, encountering mentally fortuitous seagulls, and spying on the Wink and Kiss Inn in Yartar, the group go in to buy the orb.

The thief selling it, however, is attacked as she begins to lead the group off. The party give chase to the would-be-assassin, wounding and binding her. She explains that the Orb is already sold to another party, but in exchange for her life would lead them to where the Orb is.

Wounded, the assassin leads the group to a graveyard, where they encounter a group of Kraken Society harbingers, including Ghald the Interloper. The group, with trigger finger unease, let loose a fireball instantly incinerating two of the Kraken Society fighters, and severely wounding the rest.

By the time the fight ended, a group of city guards came upon the adventurers, caught opening a tomb and disturbing the dead. And of murder.

Luckily, the original thief, wounded, came forward suggesting to the guards that the group were simply defending themselves. At her word, the guards uneasily acquiesced to letting the group leave, and in exchange the thief got her 1500gp as a ‘thank you’.

From here, the group readies a wagon drawn by two horses to leave to Triboar with the devastation orb.

Slither leaves the group, walking back home to his family, and moving onto more domestic Zhentarim work.


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