Welcome to Red Larch.

Your adventure starts here.


Welcome fresh adventurers to the north eastern corners of Sword Coast civilization. Traveling many a day now with your eclectic collection of comrades, you each eventually arrive in the trade-road and quarry town of Red Larch

Each of you arrive here on behalf of your own interests and those of your respective guilds as you begin to hear many rumors of monsters becoming more aggressive and present in the Sumberhills and the Dessarin Valley, where Red Larch is located. The local quarries are no longer being cut by torchlight, and the town's children no longer forage for berries in the Sumberhills. Banditry is on the rise, and strange figures with stone masks are being reported being seen on hilltops. 

Much is not as it should be here in Red Larch, and there is much to be discovered here within the Dessarin Valley.


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